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As small business owners, we think it is so important to be involved in our community. And to support those in our local community, especially those in minorities groups. Because there are just less resources out there for people of color, different races and sexual orientations. We are Cathie and Al of Flat World Media Productions – and we believe as a business and individuals, it is our duty to bring awareness and to be involved in organizations that provide extra resources to those people who deserve it just a much as anyone else. We are a proud minority owned business and IBA and AACC members.

The IBA and AACC  (AA Chamber) are two organizations for minority owned business in the Philadelphia area that are doing amazing things. As a half-woman and half-African-American business, we hold a certain “power” to show other individuals that your dreams are possible. It’s 2018 and minority owned businesses have been on the rise significantly since 2007 (Minority Business Development Agency).

We chose to utilize our success in the creative business world to support marginalized communities – especially in Philadelphia. Because this is our home, we love it and the people who live in it. So we’re going to do everything we can to make it a better place. We donate our services and money whenever we can, at least a few times a year and especially around the holidays. We have the privilege of being able to choose like-minded clients. And we support other local businesses, specifically those who are minority based, like us.

IBA 10 year anniversary Independence business alliance

How small businesses can support the LBGT community in Philadelphia

Join the IBA Philadelphia LBGT chamber of commerce


Members of the IBA Philadelphia's LGBT chamber of commerce for small business

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The Independence Business Alliance – IBA IBA Members Independence business alliance

The IBA is the Greater Philadelphia’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Where we are personally not of the LGBTQ community, we stand with everyone who falls in this category and fully support them! We feel very strongly that no one should be excluded from any opportunity because of who they are. On our wedding and portrait side – BG Productions – same-sex couples are of our favorite clients! Never ever would someone’s sexual preference or what gender they associate with effect our ability to do business with someone.

The Independence Business Alliance (IBA) is the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Chamber of Commerce for the Greater Philadelphia region. They provides opportunities, access and resources to LGBT professionals and allies in the Greater Philadelphia area. They promote economic development, growth, diversity and leadership in our region. If any business owners are interested in being members and advocating for positive change in our community, I encourage you to check out their member information page.

The African American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ & DE – AACC

AACC Philadelphia African american chamber of commerce

It is so important for us all to come together and end the stigma that CEOs, SEOs, etc. of businesses are 60 year-old white males. Because it just is not the case. As we mentioned before, half of Flat World Media Productions is African American so this hits close to home. We have worked so hard in life to get where we are and if we can use that success in the business world to help others achieve their dreams, than that’s what we’re going to do. Any minorities, no matter their race or heritage are what made the American culture what it is today. And that should be celebrated.

The AACC is a membership organization that serves businesses in the public, private and independent sector who are committed to supporting the economic empowerment and growth of African-American businesses. They promote the vision, the voice, and the value of black business ownership in the Delaware Valley. This organization specifically supports the Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Northern Delaware. But if you are outside of that locale, there are certainly other similar chambers that are waiting for you to join.

African american chamber of commerce in Philadelphia

Image courtesy of the African American Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.

AACC Philadelphia 2017 awards ceremony

Image courtesy of the African American Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.

Other Organizations

What minority based chambers and organizations are you apart of? How has it benefited your business to be a part of a larger group doing great things in your community? And how have you reached out to help others inside your community or nationally on a larger scale? We would LOVE to hear your experience as minority owned business owners. Please leave a comment below to continue the conversation. It is so refreshing to see what others are doing to make their community a better place, even outside of Philadelphia. You can always contact us directly if you would like to become involved in joining us make this world a better place.