Mazzoni Center Using Video for Philadelphia Community Awareness

We can’t stress enough how important video is for your business! It is a major part of a successful marketing campaign. There are so many uses for video: commercials, a more interesting and interactive website, profiles for employees, etc. Think of it as complimentary to professional photography for your business – It’s moving pictures that can combine spoken word or text to convey your message. The Mazzoni Center is one local organization who started using video for Philadelphia community awareness. We are proud to create video for them and look forward to a new year of video campaigns to help them achieve their goal of reaching more people.

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Last year, Flat World Media Productions had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Glassman at an IBA (Independent Business Alliance – Greater Philadelphia LGBT Chamber of Commerce) event. Stephen is the Interim CEO at the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia. The importance of keeping a current and updated marketing strategy was clearly very important to Mr. Glassman. He expressed an interest in revamping the Mazzoni Center’s image as well as putting out a new campaign to draw more community awareness. The timing was perfect for the Mazzoni Center; they had an open house planned for their beautiful new Philadelphia location. So together we created a video that would play during their open house on close-circuit televisions during the event.

We plan to create a few dozen more videos to express who the Mazzoni Center is and what they mean to the Philadelphia community. This will prove to be huge in their outreach as they will be seen by so many more individuals who need their services.

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What is the Mazzoni Center?

Their mission is to provide quality comprehensive health and wellness services in an LGBTQ-focused environment. Preserving the dignity and improving the quality of life of the individuals they serve is also extremely important to them. They have served the Philadelphia area for 38 years and counting. With a very large staff of medical professionals together with emotional and social support, they offer a wide range of assistance to those in need.

They provide to the community family medicine (including primary care, woman’s care, HIV/AIDS care, trans care), counseling and recovery (addiction support, individual and family therapy, art therapy), youth and pediatric services, HIV prevention and screening, legal services, and training resources and scholarships.

We feel very strongly that this is such an important organization for the Philadelphia community. As with any major US city, there is a huge need for this kind of assistance and never quite enough help out there. The Mazzoni center helps so many people every year. And Flat World Media Productions (along with our wedding and portrait side BG Productions) is LGBTQ friendly and we celebrate diversity!

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How can you help?

We feel so privileged to have the opportunity to create videos for the Mazzoni Center and look forward to seeing them succeed and continue to help those in need. If you are interested, anyone can make a tax-deductible donation to the Mazzoni Center. And you can even give a donation as a gift in a loved ones name or memory.

Like what you see? Contact us today to start your video campaign for your business or organization. We look forward to hearing from you!

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