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In addition to video production and professional photography services, Flat World Media Productions also offers professional web design. If you’re not familiar with the many professional media services we offer, you should definitely check out our services page. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your marketing and branding needs. Hiring Flat World Media Productions for your web design along with photography and video for your site is the best way to save money while reaching your professional potential as a business or organization. And we’re here today because you probably have some questions for your web designer, the person who will be building and maintaining your website.

We’re not new at this. We have been doing professional photography, videography, marketing and branding, and web design for a long time. We have seen the trends and perfected our game. And we’re so excited to start you on your journey of success in building your brand though your website. We are a personally-owned, small business. When you hire us, you can be confident in the team that is working on your important content. And you probably have some questions about who we are and about the process of designing your site. So let’s take a moment and meet our awesome web designer, Martelle.

Questions For Your Web Designer at Flat World


Tell us a bit about yourself, your background in web design and how long have you been working with Flat World Media Productions?


Hi, my name is Martelle Pitts, I attended Drexel University with a bachelor’s in Information Systems & Technology. Through Drexel University, I did several internships with PJM Interconnection out of Audubon, PA and eventually became an employee. PJM Interconnection is a Regional Transmission Operator that monitors the electric grid for the Northeastern part of the country.
I have worked at PJM for close to 10 years now. At PJM, I am a User Interface Designer. I’m responsible for doing front-end design and development of various websites and software PJM and its customers use to conduct business. With my knowledge from college and real life experiences from PJM, I started doing freelance work creating websites. I also have my UI certification from the Neilson Norman Group, and I am on my way to receiving the Master’s Certification through the group.
I started working with the team at Flat World Media Productions two years ago when the owners Al & Cathie wanted to offer more services under the Flat World umbrella of business offerings.


How important do you think it is for a business / organization to have a website? And what about an updated website?

A businesses website is it’s single most important marketing tool. A website serves just like a physical storefront for your virtual users on the internet. An updated website is key to the success of your business. With users always on the go, a responsive website that can be viewed on mobile devices is key.

How would you describe a successful website?

A successful website focuses on its user and what they need. Most website visitors view a website in less than 30 seconds.
  • Your content should be straight and to the point.  Most people skim content on websites.
  • Avoid visual clutter.
  • NEW Content is KEY, for people to find you and your business.
  • Lastly, your website should be mobile friendly.

Does it matter if I am/my clients are on a Mac or PC? 

The type of device should not matter if your website is responsive to the screen resolution of the device.

I currently have a really simple website, can you improve it or will we start from scratch?

It’s better to start from scratch. Developers code in different ways, having to understand how a previous developer coded a website would take more time then building a new one.

Where will you build my site / What are my options ?

A website is built on a server for hosting. Hosting is offered by various companies such as GoDaddy & BlueHost. Flat World does offer its own hosting option for your website for a small annual fee compared to other companies.

What’s this SEO thing everyone keeps talking about and why is it important?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is the practice of driving traffic to your website organically through quality content. If the SEO is done correctly for your website, users will have no problem finding your website through search engines like Google and Bing.

How is hiring Flat World for web design and SEO different; what sets them apart from all the others?

With Flat World, we personally work with you to achieve a website that meets your needs and grows your business.  You are not just another client to us, we build a personal relationship that continues after your website is delivered.

What is the process of getting a web site created with Flat World? What are my first steps?

Your first step is contacting us to setup a face-to-face consultation to get a feel for what you are trying to achieve.

How long should it take from start to finish to have my site launched?

Depending on how much information is provided up front when we provide our initial website document, most websites can be turned around in a month.


What happens if I have a problem with my site a year from now?


When your website has been completed.  We recommend our support, where we provide security monitoring, CMS and plugin updates to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities, and content updates for a low annual fee.

See some of Flat World’s Web Design Examples

Our modern web design can be seen on a number of websites including our own! To see a great example of what we do, poke around our website www.flatworldonline.com. It has been recently revamped with a brand new look and we’re always updating our photography and video content. (Keeping up to date is super important!) Here are a few more examples including our wedding and portrait side – BG Productions.

After your initial interview, questionnaire and once you’ve provided your necessary content for your site, you can expect a beautiful personalized mock up of what your site could look like. This modern splash page site is visually appealing, while containing a lot of information to keep your viewer engaged. Having video on your site = more time a potential customer spends on your site. Same thing with professional photography that will draw in the eye of your viewer. And providing clickable content pages will encourage your viewer to explore your site more.

Professional Web Design Questions For Your Web Designer website mock up

From the initial mock up, these type of eye-catching pages are possible… It all started with a few design options and a description of a general feel you’d like your site to have. This color scheme and background image was created specifically for BG Productions, encompassing the vibe they wanted for their site. Here you will see photography galleries, video gallery and blog content right on the main page.

Professional Web Design Questions For Your Web Designer Philadelphia marketing services

Philadelphia web design Vermont web design  Flat World media productions web design Philadelphia web solutions business

Some more recent examples of our web design can be seen on the websites of Philadelphia hair salon House of Clarity. And on the site of Philadelphia law firm J. Fine Law.

House of Clarity web design philadelphia hair salon new website by Flat World

Hair salong website design House of Clarity Flat World media marketing

Update your website vermont web design Flat World Media

law firm web design questions to ask your web designer

Professional Web Design Questions For Your Web Designer Vermont web designer

modern web design put a map on your site

While we live and work in Philadelphia, we are world travelers and not bound by location. Every year we are taken all over the world on assignments. So we are happy to create beautiful websites for anyone no matter where you’re located. Our web design can even be created from 1,000s of miles away.

We recently announced our expansion into the beautiful state of Vermont. And we’re currently offering a limited time DISCOUNT on our web design, photography and videography services for Vermont businesses and organizations. Contact us to get started on a brand-new website for your business!