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If you’re looking to build a website or adding updated imagery to the one you already have, we would love to work with you. Especially if you are looking for new images and video for your website that truly reflects who you are as a business and business owner. Our approach to photography and video is using professional lifestyle portraits that helps tell the story of your business for your website. I know when you say “business photos” people think boring backgrounds, stuffy suits and arms crossed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let Flat World Media Productions help you build your brand with photography and video for your website.
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Here are some things we keep in mind when planning your lifestyle business session.

1. Know what are you looking for.
To us it all starts with coming up with your goal. What are you trying to portray? Do you want traditional head shot type photos or do you want lifestyle photos. These are portraits where you are either at an outdoor location or your place of business. If you looking for something that’s more studio-based that look that is not our style. But if you’re looking for something fun and on location with your personality shining through, that is certainly our style and you’ve come to the right place.
2. The location
To us this is really the most important element. We want to make sure that the location fits with the goal of the session. Once we know the look you were going for and your goals we will work on planning out the location. Of course unless you already have a warehouse or Office Space or some other kind of location you already know. A side note to location is also the importance of timing. If we are doing an outdoor session we want to make sure you are not going to be under bright sunlight. We also want to make sure it’s not too dark out to use as much natural light as possible. But we always bring off-camera lighting just in case we need it.
Add photography to your website business portraits marketing philadelphia business
Add new or updated head shots to your business website Philadelphia photographer branding marketing
3. What to wear
This is where things could go really right or really wrong. For business lifestyle sessions it’s important to think about the kind of image you want to portray. Do you have any colors or patterns or anything that reflects your brand? If so it is important to incorporate that in the session. Otherwise we would stay away from a lot of busy patterns. We will work with you through a creative Pinterest board for inspiration to see what look you are going for. If you have the ability to hire a stylist that is always helpful.
4. Hair and makeup 
And no this isn’t just for women. Having professional makeup is one of the most important elements. We work with a lot of great makeup artists and hair stylists. And we can make recommendations but if you have a trusted and true professional it’s great to go with somebody you are familiar with. We want you to look your very best for your portraits and we are sure you do too. You can’t always control frizzy hair or shiny skin, and that’s where the professionals come in.
5. Have fun and capturing the real you 
If you are an individual building a website for yourself, you are the face of the company you are betraying. Or maybe you are a bigger company and want to include your whole staff. Either way it’s important that we capture the personality of the business as you want others to perceive it. If you want people to think you’re a fun company then we don’t want you just standing looking off into the distance. Instead we want to show you having fun, smiling, interacting. On the other hand if you are a group of corporate lawyers, you may be a looking for a look that is a little more conservative.
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Professional photorgaphy branding marketing for your website Flat World Media Productions Philadelphia photographer

Let’s get Started

Once we have talked about the direction and your goals as well as the look you’re going for everything will come smoothly together for your session. All that is left is just relaxing and having fun for the camera. You can start off the conversation by Contacting Us. We want to get to know you better and help build your brand by adding new or updated photography and video for your website. Congrats in taking the first step to better your business!
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