Video for Travel Companies || Show the REAL Travel experience

When you think of travel companies, what comes to mind? Probably sites like Orbitz and Hotwire, or airlines like Southwest. And when you start thinking about your dream vacation, maybe a Carnival Cruise pops into your head. If you are a brand-new, locally based travel company you might be wondering how to get yourself on the radar of those millions of customers looking for a travel experience. One thing that all of those well known companies have in common is they show the real travel experience with video for travel. And they definitely have awesome photographs on their websites, social media and all of their branding materials. But they also have video. And maybe that’s something your company has overlooked.

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Who is Your Market?

Think of who your advertising is geared towards. Maybe it’s retired couples who want to take that first trip together in this new chapter in their life. Or the couple who’s children are old enough now to really enjoy a family trip. A smart marketing strategy would be to chose a specific campaign and advertise it on all fronts. Especially with photography and videography because what shows experiences better than seeing it first hand.

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First Hand Real Travel Experience

You won’t be able to show a true travel experience from a studio location. The only way to show what is special about your brand and what experience you can provide is showing it to your customers in real time. That means hiring a photography and video team to document the actual experience of your services. And when your customers see those photos and videos, think of how excited they will be to take that adventure themselves. You have to make them want it! You might even have to compete with the typical Disney World trip idea. But there’s so much more to see in the world, and you are the service to make it possible.

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Flat World Media Productions “Takes Over the World”

This topic is fresh in our minds because we LOVE travel and we are currently on a work and pleasure trip in New Zealand. Isn’t it awesome when you can combine work and pleasure?? It’s why we love what we do. You can follow along all of our journeys on Flat World’s travel blog and Instagram.

Every year we seek out assignments that send us all over the world. Flat World Media Productions provides high quality video and photography services to the travel industry. We specialize in serving excursion, tour and adventure travel companies. We are available to travel to any destination in the world. Our work has been featured by cruise lines, tour companies, travel agencies and blogs. We offer a completely unique perspective that is guaranteed to attract new customers to your site.

How Can Video Help Your Business?

Take a moment and think about your business. How can video help your company grown it’s customer base? While we are at it, let me ask you a personal question: Have you ever longed to travel to Southeast Asia? We at Flat World Media Productions were privileged to travel with AMA Waterways and produce this beautiful film. We traveled in Vietnam and Cambodia and down the Mekong River. Such a beautiful experience! After watching our AMA Waterways tourism video, chances are you will have the travel bug too. This is the experience that we can produce for your company and make customers want what you have to offer.