Maine Adventures at Acadia National Park || My 50th State

We have a brand new travel blog post on the Flat World Media Productions travel blog all about our Maine adventures. This is a big one guys! It’s my 50th state visited (that’s right I’ve been to every state now!) in my 50th year. Now that’s pretty cool and definitely something to brag about. We visited and explored the Acadia National Park in honor of the National Parks turning 100 years old. Happy birthday US National Parks!

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Our travel blog post about our Maine adventures and Acadia National Park (and my 50th state!) can be found here:

Explore Acadia National Park || My 50th State Visited in my 50th Year

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Here’s a little preview of some of our Maine adventure photos but you will have to check out the post for yourself to see the rest. Clearly gorgeous views and sunshine is a theme here. Enjoy!