Grow Your Business With Video Testimonials

Flat World Media Production, a Philadelphia video artist is here to help you grow your business with video testimonials. It is no secret that video is important to modern day businesses offering services or products. Video testimonials are essential to growing your brand and customer base. In an age of product reviews dominating buying decisions, don’t let your company fall short in the eyes of your new and existing customers. They want to know what people think about you and to know that your services are worth their business.  Flat World Media Productions is excited to introduce a new video campaign for Live Nation VIP Experience.




Think of how much credibility your company can gain with testimonials

Testimonial – Marriam-Webster Dictionary

  • : a written or spoken statement in which you say that you used a product or service and liked it

  • : a written or spoken statement that praises someone’s work, skill, character, etc.

Live Nation VIP Experience

Live Nation recently hired Flat World Media Productions to create a testimonial video highlighting their V.I.P Experience program. This video contains interviews with venue staff, shots showing customers how much fun they will have and testimonials by real-life Live nation V.I.P customers





A Customized Experience with Flat World

We had a blast working with Live Nation, much like we do with all the companies we produce photo and video work for. The process of working with Live Nation for this VIP experience video was very smooth. From consultation to delivery, it is a seamless and enjoyable experience both for Flat World and for the companies that hire us.

We showed up the scheduled day of shooting and was guided to several locations to film including the backstage area for Zac Brown Band’s crew. I personally loved the music of John Rose and especially enjoyed being around people having a lot of fun. Because that’s what this whole video was about: showing the fun that you will have when you become a VIP member of Live Nation.
The editing process was done online with easy back and forth communication to quickly complete the project and deliver a final digital file for Live nation to put into use right away on their site and wherever else they chose. This is the kind of ease you can expect when hiring Flat World Media Productions for any project.


Video is important to your business

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