How to Gain Donor Sponsorship with Video Story Telling




Today, we are going to focus on a very important topic in the world of medicine, the arts, education, cultural programs and local foundations: donor sponsorship. To these non-profit sectors, sponsorship programs are so important to them, that without it they might fail to exist. If you are someone who works in one of these types of organizations (or many others) you can relate to this post and use it to help you succeed in your efforts. To someone starting out a new project looking for funding it can be a very daunting thought. How do you make someone or a group of people want to give you money or other non-cash valuable donations to make your project happen? The answer is video. Using video for fundraising efforts is a highly effective means of communication and can be one of the most impact ways to connect with donors. And just as important is making that video informative, interesting and heart-felt. We like to think of that as video story telling. This is something that Flat World Media Productions -A Philadelphia media company- specializes in and we want to help you be successful!



No matter what area of interest your donation needs are, your potential sponsors are going to be looking for two types of sustainability: they want to know about your organization and they want to know about the specific project that needs funding.
Demonstrating project sustainability tells a funder that the organization will be able to continue the project after the initial funding is used.  They don’t want to fund something that will fizzle out after the initial investment has been utilized. You will need to communicate your thoughts and strategies for doing so.  Show them you’ve thought beyond the initial investment and have a plan for the future of the organization and longevity of the project’s success. What better way to easily and effectively communicate your needs than with video. A received donation letter is so easy to open (or not open), set aside and be forgotten about. The chances of a donation video being viewed, watched all the way through and actually considered are far greater than a letter. Also consider your delivery methods (large-audience events, email blasts, small-group previews, in-person visits). Video will also allow you to show your appreciation to donors in a customized manner. Video is also effective in getting and keeping your donors more deeply involved increase their commitment to your organization by asking them to participate in things like testimonials.



Let’s take a look at non-profit hospitals and medical programs. Flat World Media Productions has a long-time relationship and history of creating such fundraising videos for the Albert Einstein Society and Magee Rehabilitation. If you live near the Philadelphia area, you are probably very familiar with these organizations. These are two of the areas leaders in medical advancements and new technologies that help patients all over the country. Without the use of fundraising videos, many of the major medical research breakthroughs and rehabilitation programs they offer would not exist today.

This video uses video as story telling to demonstrate the plans for Magee Rehab’s plans for the Charlie Manuel Healing Garden in Philadelphia.


This video uses video for donor sponsorship opportunities for the Albert Einstein Philadelphia.


When seeking fundraising, you don’t always have to outright ask for money and donation opportunities arn’t necessarily strictly for the wealthy. There are people out there who believe your cause is important want to help your organization in different ways. For example, in addition to outright gifts, hospitals are often open to volunteers and gifts in kind like works of art, rare furniture, coins and other collectibles and the like. These type of philanthropy are an ideal way to fund innovation to allow institutions to provide good to the community. Donors also want to know their contributions are making or will make a difference. Video is an excellent medium to capture the philanthropic impact of past contributions, as well as the potential impact of current or future contributions.

Still wondering how video can help your organization? We can help! Any idea, no matter how big or small can benefit from the use of video.