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Disability Etiquette Gone Wrong Video: Service Dogs

Moss Rehab – Einstein Healthcare Network




Flat World Media Productions has been creating video production in Philadelphia, working with Moss Rehab – Einstein Healthcare Network for a few years now and we are proud to have a strong relationship with them, producing numerous training videos and fundraisers videos. This well known healthcare network in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas use video on their websites to educate the public of a serious matter in a fun and entertaining way: Disability etiquette gone wrong when it comes to the public interacting with service dogs.

To help solve this problem, Kerry O’conner contacted us about producing a series of videos based on disability etiquette, for people who interact badly with certain disability scenarios. The general public might not be aware that these things are a no-no when it comes to service dogs in certain situations: things like shaking hands with someone with a prosthetic arm, or holding the door for someone in a wheel chair. Done with a bit of light comedy, this series was designed as a way to inform the public about how it makes those who live with disabilities feel and what someone could do in those situations that would be more respectful in the way they approach a person with disabilities. Seamus and his handler made a fun video experience for viewers to showcase his ability to open doors, open and shut drawers and refrigerators and retrieve items for patients. The video has since grown in viewership and is helpful to a broader online community looking for ways to express disability etiquette.




Moss Rehab Einstein Healthcare Network’s site answers difficult questions like: Is it OK to pet a service dog? Will someone with a disability mind if I touch his or her wheelchair?

This is one video in MossRehab’s It’s Just Respect program (created by Flat World Media Productions) aims to educate people—whether it be in the workplace, a retail business or out in the community—about disability etiquette.



We hope that you have enjoyed yourself reading this post and learned a little something today about how to act around service dogs. Here are MossRehab’s It’s Just Respect other videos to continue learning.