At Flat World Media Productions we are big on video, it’s what we do! It’s apparent to us that video use on websites is BIG with companies no matter their size; small or big, corporate or mom-and-pop. You may still be questioning whether using video is right for you. Hopefully this post will help you decide.

When you open a news article and it has video followed by the written article, more than half of the time you are likely to watch the video instead of reading the article itself. It’s easier, faster and more entertaining. It’s just the way most of our brains are wired now-a-days. But there are many real reasons other than pure entertainment or ease to use video on your site.

Video brings new life to any marketing your company is doing in a way the photos and text just cannot do. It can (and should) exist alongside text and photos and conveys information easily. Online video is increasing becoming a key means for viewers to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. Small businesses who fail to include video in their marketing strategies will be at a disadvantage.

Go from Static to Dynamic

Plain and simple: It is more interesting.

  1.  Use a promotional video to explain to customers who you are and what you do. It’s a lot more personal and your customers are going to get to know you better.
  2. Demonstrate a product or activity with How-To videos. A lot of people are like me, they need to see something in action to really understand.
  3. You are an expert in your field. Use video to educate customers so they can gain some of your knowledge about your product.
  4. Video testimonials can be a lot more interesting than text.



Engage your customers

Video is naturally engaging.  In an age of information overload, it’s vital for small businesses to offer content that is easy to digest. And if not, customers might simply move on to the next company. Video puts a face to your brand, building an immediate connection with your potential clients

One of our favorite words: SEO

Sites with video WILL cause your customers to spend longer amounts of time on your website and more time interacting with your brand. There are many ways the videos can increase your Google ranking results. Make sure to create a variety of videos with different focuses and use unique tagging and targeted keywords. And the more your video is shared, the more linking back to you main website is increased.

Finger Pointing at Internet Websites

Sales or special events

  1. Create a mini commercial about and upcoming sale or promotion you have scheduled.
  2. Show off a previous event to potential clients or important clients who could not make the day of the live event. You can even have an archive of all your live events for someone researching your company.
  3. Use videos to promote events and recent activities at your business
  4. Create contests that have a hidden promo code to reward viewers.


  1. Consider who your audience is make sure your video content is relevant to them.
  2. Do not neglect social media or mobile – Make sure your videos are Facebook, Linked In, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube ready for easy sharing. And be mobile-ready, most viewers are coming to you from their mobile phones or tablets.
  3. Finally, be creative! That’s where we come in! Look at our Services page and see how we can help you take the leap into the future of marketing your brand!


Businesswoman using cell phone in office

Businesswoman using cell phone in office