So you’re sticking your pinky toe in the shallow end of video marketing and the water’s fine! As with any new medium, there are a lot of misconceptions and we’re here to help dispel a few myths. What confuses or scares you about video marketing? We’d love to help answer your questions if you don’t see it below.

Myth #1: Views are the only metric that counts.

Going viral sounds great, doesn’t it? But it’s important to be realistic, too. Not every video will go viral, so what you should be shooting for first and foremost is engagement. Are people watching the whole video start to finish? Are they navigating to other pages on your website to seek more content?

Myth #2: All videos should be short.

Not exactly — they should all be full of valuable content. So if you have 10-minutes of truly worthy content, then your video should be 10 minutes long. Not sure if your content is interesting to anyone but you? Ask us! Or another trusted advisor. Shorter videos are useful to get customers interested. If someone is in the “fact gathering” stage of their purchase, short videos will give them enough information to move to the next stage. But if they’re ready to make a big purchase, a longer video will help them make their final decision. “Each represents a different spot in the buyer’s journey,” explains Mark Sheridan.

There is no perfect length of a marketing video. If the video is dull and lacks creativity or relevance it will seem long and boring at 30 seconds. Successful video marketing programs have videos ranging from three to 30 minutes or longer depending upon the topic and interest. —

Myth #3: Online videos should basically be commercials.

Didn’t the human race invent myriad systems to avoid watching commercials? Your videos should create conversation, not solely hawk a product. Demonstrations of your product(s) and in-depth, thought-provoking explanations are where it’s at.

Myth #4: You only need to make a video once or twice.

Sorry, but as with most things on the web, newness is key! Remaining relevant and posting new content to keep viewers returning to you company is integral. Complacency only gives your competition time to catch up to you, after all.

Myth #5: You need to write and memorize a script.

Yes, you should have an outline — and maybe even a generalized “script” that helps you focus the points you’d like to make. But reading straight from a script is awkward for most people. We’re not accustomed to reading from cue cards either. The best bet is to familiarize yourself with the plan, know your product, and speak conversationally to your audience.

Hilarious meme via Eden Videos.

Hilarious meme via Eden Videos.

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