Mobility and flexibility are the principles of our brand.

Flat World Media Productions delivers high quality promotional videos to fit almost any budget. In today’s economy it is important to have visibility and flexibility. For these reasons Flat World Media Productions levels the playing field between small businesses and large corporations by providing digital video and photography solutions in a mobile package that keeps costs reasonable. We produce a variety of media products from video training applications, advertising yourself and your services in a Video Profile and campaigning your message to the masses, whether online or on the road. The more people notice you, the better off you’ll be. We know your message is important.

We have been working with non profits and foundations for years, helping to spread awareness for a multitude of causes. Flat World Media productions has and will continue to donate a portion of it’s production services to non profit organizations who are promoting awareness and prevention campaigns.

We specialize in video and photography productions services for the travel industry. Our main passion centers around adventure travel, excursions, and travel tours.

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